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Is mentoring expensive?
No, it’s excellent value for money particularly compared to professional consultancy services. Depending on the number of sessions you have it is between $80 and $100 per session. We recommend 3- 4 sessions with each session lasting around 1½ hours. The SBMS Experienced Business Mentors are volunteers. They do not get paid for their mentoring. This allows us to offer a low cost mentoring service.

Mentoring is a process that requires the Mentor and the business owner to delve into the core of the business and to work together to develop a Plan of Action that will guide the business forward.  This process can take a while which is the reason we recommend a minimum of 4 sessions.  Sessions usually run for between 1.5 to 2.0 hours.

Whilst we offer 1, or 2 session programs, our experience is that 4 sessions are required for the mentoring to be really effective.

1 Session $100
2 Sessions $190
3 Sessions $255
4 Sessions $320 (Recommended)
Additional sessions/returning businesses $80 per session
Over 29 years experience has shown us that 4 sessions provides both the best value and the best chance to improve your business.
Each session will result in actions for the business to take and a report on the discussions undertaken during your session. Specialised tools may also be attached to your reports to assist you with the completion of the tasks.
I live in a regional area, can I still see a Mentor?
We can travel or provide SKYPE support anywhere in the State The Small Business Mentoring Service has assisted many businesses in regional areas. We have some Mentors located in regional centres and they may be selected by choosing "Regional Mentors" in the Search all Mentors tab. If you have any queries about Regional Mentors, please contact SBMS on [email protected].
My business is outside of Tasmania, can SBMS help me?
Yes! SBMS Now has mentors in Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and Queensland.
How far will the Mentor travel to see me?
This depends on the Mentor. All Mentors will travel up to 50 kilometres return from their location. When you are selecting a Mentor their location is shown and how far they are prepared to travel. Some times it might be helpful to meet with your Mentor halfway or at a mutually agreed location if your business requires a considerable distance for the Mentor. Remember the Mentor is a volunteer and travel may be difficult.
Can I claim the mentoring sessions back on my tax?
Possibly. After you receive an email with your booking confirmation, you will be able to log in and print your tax invoice, but you will need to determine your individual tax treatment with your Accountant.
If I have paid to see a Mentor and then decide not to proceed how do I get a refund?
On the email you receive confirming the mentoring booking will be the telephone number to call to organise the refund. You will be asked to supply your business name or client name and a credit will be immediately made.
How do I pay for the mentoring?
The online booking system allows you to pay by credit card, which is the preferred method because it can be processed more quickly. Alternatives, that take longer, include cheque, money order and direct bank deposit. Payment is required at the start of your booking because Mentors do not get involved in payments for sessions.
Is GST included in the mentoring program pricing?
All the prices quoted for the mentoring programmes include GST.
How do I get a refund to reduce sessions?
If for any reason, you are unable or do not wish, to complete the mentoring sessions that you have paid for, contact SBMS on [email protected]

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